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This wise advice by Warren Buffet to “Be fearful when others are greedy and be greedy when others are fearful” applies as much to real estate as to any other type of asset class.

Victoires Haussmann sgp builds convictions upon fundamental and market trends. This is a complete pre-requisite to advise the investors best.Creating value for wealth is first of all a matter of throroughly analysing the fundamentals. We are not guided by unfounded trends nor by self-fulfilling prophecies, both lead to speculation and bubbles.

As an example, how can we not become overly cautious about the unlimited appetite for commercial real estate in the central business districts of London and Paris, whereas some secondary French cities have been experiencing a better demographic and employment growth for several years in a row?

Why not seize opportunities to increase an asset value through renovation, refurbishment, or conversion, even at a cost of complex works, when most investors keep away from such projects and exclusively seek immediate returns?

A disciplined reading of market data, combined with a thorough analysis of the potential value creation on a given asset each asset, enable making winning investments. The right purchase price and a carefully planned value-creation are of a paramount significances to achieve performance objectives.

Together we create real value for wealth

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