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This website is for information purposes only. It was published by Victoires Haussmann sgp, a real estate investment management company licensed by the French regulatory body « Autorité des Marchés Financiers » under n° GP-16000005, incorporated as a French SAS with a 255,000€ capital, having its statutory seat 134 boulevard Haussmann, in Paris (F-75008).


Whenever interacting with Victoires Haussmann sgp, and relying upon Victoires Haussmann sgp professional advice, investors should build their own and independent view on the risks associated to a proposed strategy, and the adequacy and appropriateness of this risk vis-à-vis their own profile and situation. Each informational and contractual document (fund prospectus inclusive) should be very carefully read. They can be obtained on demand with Victoires Haussmann sgp and on the website www.vhsgp.com.


Victoires Haussmann sgp declines any responsibility regarding any investment or disinvestment decision which would be made based upon information contained in the present brochure. Information contained in this brochure can neither be regarded as binding, nor contractual.  Victoires Haussmann sgp does not provide any guarantee whatsoever, that financial performance objectives will be reached. Victoires Haussmann sgp does not provide any guarantee against substantial capital loss, nor loss of expected return.